Pathology Quizzes

Still image of video playback of 3d TEE in the SOVA synopsis

The Pathology Quizzes Section of the Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia VIRTUAL TEE web site offers students of TEE quizzes for review and self-testing. Each quiz is made up of multiple cases. Each case includes numerous TEE videos and images accompanied by a series of multiple choice questions. Depending on the quiz style you choose to take, you can access feedback about your answers as you go or after the exam has been completed.

Quizzes with feedback

The quizzes with feedback let you work through the questions at your own pace and provide feedback as you go.

Open quiz #1 (with feedback)

Open quiz #2 (with feedback)


In these quizzes, results are withheld until the test has been completed. Once you have completed the test, you will receive a score and be able to review the questions you answered incorrectly.

Open quiz #1 (without feedback)

Open quiz #2 (without feedback)