Welcome to the Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management Virtual Aortic Valve website. This site provides interactive teaching modules using animated 3D models to assist in learning the anatomy and function of the aortic valve and surrounding structures. These modules were created by Olivia Yonsoo Shim as part of the requirements for her Masters degree in the Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto.

Ongoing financial support for the development of this website is gratefully acknowledged from the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Innovation Fund.


Anatomy Review module

The Anatomy Review module is divided into three sections:

  • The Aortic Valve
  • The Aortic Root
  • Related Structures

Each section uses interactive 3D models to aid in understanding normal aortic valve anatomy and its relationship to surrounding structures of the heart.


Functional Review module

The Functional Review module shows the function of the normal aortic valve and aortic root during systole and diastole. The animation of the 3D model of the aortic valve and root is shown in relation to a Wiggers diagram of the cardiac cycle.


Financial Support

  • versaliusTrustLogoThe Vesalius Trust Research Grant

  • The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Innovation Fund

  • Dr. Annette Vegas

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March 27, 2014

Virtual Aortic Valve website launched.